Newest Health Update

Newest Health Update

I had been waiting for the results from a bunch of blood tests where the doctors were checking to see if anything else was attacking my kidneys, and they all came back negative or normal.  The plan they have for me now is to preserve my kidney function for as long as possible and to monitor the protein leak and kidney function with blood and urine tests.

I will not be going on any medications until the protein level changes or I become symptomatic.  I have to find some new pain killers other than NSAIDS, and find some “granola” ways of keeping inflammation under control.  My diet will remain a low salt, low fat, low protein, low fun one with keeping the protein under 100 grams per day.  I have to keep my blood pressure under control, but told them I don’t want to take any pills to “maintain” a low level until I have to.  I get to have all of the Starbucks and Diet Coke I want (and be sure I will), until or if I begin retain any fluids.

So…unless I have increased blood pressure or leg and hand swelling, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, or dizziness, I get to check in with my regular doctor periodically.  Once my levels change, I will have the biopsy…until then, if anyone has any advice or alternative ways to keep my blood pressure lower and help kidney function…I would like to hear it.  Thanks again to all of you who have been praying for and encouraging me.  Also, thank you to those who have started dieting, etc…because you want to give me one of your kidneys some day…that is a blessing.  One thing though, you might want to make sure you are a blood match before you put in all of that work and push away any cheesecake…lol.

Love you all…

Bro. Reno

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