Mary Johnston Update

Mary Johnston Update

Called to get an update on Mary today…when Bob answered the phone, his voice sounded a little funny but I figured it was just because he was tired.  I asked him how Mary was doing and he said she had a bad night last night.  I then asked if there were any changes and he said, “Three of her toes fell off”…it was then I realized that my pastor, Mark Wagenschutz had Bro. Bob’s phone!  I am glad that my pastor is able to go down and spend a few days with them…I hope Bro. Bob can keep him out of trouble…

Mary did indeed have another rough night.  The Leukemia has or is causing a lot of swelling in her spleen, kidneys, liver, and intestines.  The doctors are giving her some medicine to help with kidney function, however, she has been in a lot of pain due to the swelling.  Once this round of treatment is done, they have told them that they will try to get some bone marrow to see if the treatments are helping.  They will also be doing a different 3 day, experimental treatment after that.  If everything goes to plan, she will be there until April 21st before they try to phase her out of the hospital and continue with with follow-up treatments.  Please continue to pray that the drugs will work and that God will answer all of our prayers for Mary’s recovery…

P.S. – Mary still has all of her toes…hehe

  • Roxanne
    Posted at 12:38h, 29 March

    OMGoodness!!!! That totally freaked me out! If I remember Bro. Bob, he’s as bad as Preacher! Someone else might need to keep them both in line!
    Thanks for the update. We are praying several times a day! Praying this treatment will be worth it. =)

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 14:08h, 29 March

    He is AWFUL! scared me to death!! You are right….someone needs to keep my dad in line, but I agree with Roxanne….i don’t think it’s going to be Bro. Bob:-) Philip and I are praying and fasting… Thanks for the updates.

  • Pastor Wagenschutz
    Posted at 16:24h, 29 March

    Don’t pick on me. I’m here with the Johnson’s working on a healing ministry. But seriously, God is the Great Physician.

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