Lighthouse Baptist Church in Odessa

Lighthouse Baptist Church in Odessa

It was my privilege to preach at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Odessa for Bible Study last night.  As I will be every time, I preached with the help of an interpreter, named Victor.  It is very difficult for me to preach this way, having to stop every few words and to not know if what I am saying is being communicated with the same meaning.  I also realized how much I depend upon humor and interaction with the congregation in my messages and this making things difficult too.  Oh, well…I will do my best.  It seems as though people are receiving the messages well and participating in the services too.

At Lighthouse Baptist Church, we have three missionary families that are working in this ministry.  Mark and Lydia Priem, who have been in Ukraine now for 17 years, John and Dawn Spillman for 10 years, and Jeff and Helen Christian for 2 years after 2 years spent in Belarus.  It has been great to see everyone and look forward to more time spent in fellowship, in fact we will be heading over to the Christian’s for lunch in a few hours.

We are preparing today for a youth activity that we will be having tonight with the young people.  We will be playing wiffle ball and basketball in the park, and then passing out literature for the church and soul-winning with those who join with us in the activities.  This has been an effective way to get the Gospel into the hands of people here.  Please pray that I don’t overdo it on the court tonight, as I have another week here and I would like to spend it injury free.  I will let you know how that turns out…

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