Health Update

Health Update

I wanted to post a thank you to all of you who have been praying for me the last couple of weeks.  I also wanted to post what has been going on and will update the blog when I find anything else out or have any procedures.  Here is what has been going on…

The men in my church wanted me to increase the life insurance that I have, so I had my agent set me up with another policy and order the physical exam.  After the labs got back, the insurance broker sent me a letter indicating that my insurance would be “rated” because of a high microalbumin/creatinine levels in my urine sample.  I thought this was odd, so I asked my doctor to run labs to prove them wrong.  The labs the doctor ran came back worse than the insurance ones though.

I went through several more blood and urine tests, including a 24 hour one.  After hydrating, not working out, or taking any ibuprofen, my creatine levels lowered but the proteins in my urine continue to get worse.  There should not be any protein in your urine if your kidneys are working properly, but if there is, the normal level is between 0-50 and mine is a whopping 672.  I had an ultrasound that came back normal, except for what is called “Extrarenal Pelvis” which is a normal variant.  Needless to say, they (and I) are concerned and are trying to figure out what is wrong.

As per my last appointment, the doctor has me on a protein restricted diet that only allows me to eat 43-57 grams of protein per day.  This is difficult for me because I love to cook and eat, and due to the fact that everything seems to have protein in it, I reach my limit for the day very quickly.  I had already been very disciplined in my diet this last year or so, eating around 2,000 calories per day and working out, so I am thankful for that.  Had I been eating the same way and the same things that I was before that…these restrictions would be way more difficult.  To give you an idea, a three ounce piece of chicken breast, a small potato, and a serving of mixed veggies has approximately 30 grams.  I am a “meat-a-saurus”, and love food, so having to eat “properly” is no fun at all.

I have an appointment with a Nephrologist (kidney specialist) on Thursday, and a Nutritionist on Monday.  They will be working with my diet to make sure I am getting enough healthy calories in me to maintain my weight, currently 153 lbs and will be discussing my kidney biopsy with the Nephrologist.  If the biopsy comes back normal, then they will be exploring other reasons why the protein count is too high.  There are many other possible disorders, many of which are worse than kidney disease…so really not sure how I want to pray for all of this?  I know this for certain…I don’t want to eat like this for the rest of my life.  So I am kind of hoping that the moderate decrease in the amount of protein I am consuming doesn’t translate into an extraordinary drop in the proteinuria.  Anyways…that is what is going on.  Please continue to pray for me.  I am ok…have no symptoms of any kind, in the best shape of my life (for now), and know that God is in control.  A brother’s gotta eat though…will keep you informed.  Thanks again…

  • Paul Conner
    Posted at 16:52h, 01 February

    Pastor Reno, we are praying for you here at GVBC. Keep us posted.


  • Vance Little
    Posted at 18:51h, 01 February

    We are all praying for you at BBCS and at the church. Teens are praying for you during our Tuesday and Thursday prayer meetings. We all hope and pray that you get to normal again and that the doctors can find what is wrong and correct it. I love you Pastor Reno!

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